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Money E2 - Tom Williams

from The Masters Podcast | Published 12/31/2020

The things we never really want to talk about but should.  It’s not sexy but necessary! As creative business owners, there are a whole load of areas we should be keenly aware of when managing our money in the present, preparing for the future and at the same time making sure we protect everything we have going forward. In this episode, we chat with Tom Williams from Williams Wealth Management about why.Hosts: Ash DavenportMick ShahMick Shah and Ash Davenport run Masters of Wedding Photography for the UK and Ireland and also their sister region Masters of Wedding Photography North America.Support the show (

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Welcome to the Masters of Wedding Photography Podcast. We’re Mick and Ash and we started this podcast for wedding photographers and creatives who want to be inspired in all the areas connected to running a better, healthier and happier business. Because if you can do that, long term it gives you the platform and freedom to do the things you love. Each month we’ll be looking at one specific topic and chatting to speakers and experts in that area to help give us inspiration and tips to apply in the everyday.