The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep#139 - Gareth Icke, Truthseeker - "The long road paved with LOVE to the middle path"

Today’s program features an insightful discussion about present world events and what yet may unfold. We will look at both the physical and metaphysical reality of what we will all be facing, and how to navigate it successfully. Joining us for this episode is Gareth Icke, returning for his second appearance on the show. Gareth is a truth seeker, a social activist, a rockstar, an author, a former international beach football player, and the personality and presenter of ‘Right Now’, an uncensored current affairs news show on the Ickonic Network. The “Right Now” show airs every Friday at 7pm UK time where Gareth speaks to guests from around the World across a wide range of subjects. His hard-hitting uncensored news and current affairs program presents and highlights the people and stories the mainstream media ignores and or silences. And of course I would be reticent in my introduction if I did not add that Gareth’s father is non-other than the prolific author, renegade scholar, and humanitarian David Icke. Gareth appeared previously on the show during episode #115.  Please take a moment to listen to that program if you have not already! To find out more information about Gareth Icke, please visit:

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