The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep#125 - Vincent Gircys, Sr. Constable OPP (Ret) "Woke-ism is a strategy to destablize society - spotting the magician's trick is key to survival"

In today’s program I present what I hope to be the final episode of the show covering the the covid-19 scamdemic.  Today we welcome back our friend and conspiracy analyst Vincent Gircys to have a frank and realistic discussion about the events which have taken place in Canada over the last 2 years.   For those of you who have not heard the previous episodes which feature Vincent, I highly suggest you give Episodes 48, 52, 63, 74, and 98 a listen.   Vincent is a 32 year veteran and now retired senior constable of the Ontario Provincial Police.  As a highly trained forensic crash scene investigator, Vincent is well versed in documenting evidence, anomalies, and their causation, and his skill set has now been personally redeployed to serve a new purpose in his retirement. Observing today’s world around him is an ongoing investigation being conducted with enhanced clarity, renewed acuity, and laser focus. His traffic beat included Hwy 401 a section of  roadway that is 18 lanes wide and sees more traffic than LA’s Santa  Monica freeway. This makes Hwy 401 the highest volume and highest  density roadway in North America. With that distinction also comes some  of the highest incidents of collisions and fatalities. He has  investigated over 4,000 traffic incidents. Equipped with forensic  collision reconstruction training, Vince attended the scene of over 200  horrific fatalities in just a few short years. The link to the video Vincent mentions is as follows: James Topp Cross Canada March:

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