All We See Is Gold: Longevity and Peak Performance with Jordan Burroughs

In this episode of the Longevity Game, Tracy sits down with Olympic gold medalist and six-time world champion wrestler Jordan Burroughs about his life, wrestling career, and approach to health and wellness. Jordan shares his early experiences with wrestling, his upbringing in New Jersey, and the unique story of how he met his wife. He talks about the evolution of his athletic practice, and outlines the steps he’s taken to take his career—and his health—to the next level. Jordan and Tracy talk about the lessons we can learn from the mindset of an athlete, and how to use them in the game of life. They also explore their personal strategies like intermittent fasting, workout regimens, and taking inspiration from the world of dance. This conversation celebrates Jordan’s approach to his sport and his life: it’s not about winning or losing—it’s about being a competitor.

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Welcome to the game. What if we were born with the power to live long, healthy, and fulfilled? The Longevity Game with Tracy Anderson is your syllabus to reclaim agency over your well-being. We live in a world that denatures us from the things we need most: freedom of movement, sense of play, real nourishment, and human connection. We’re sold pills, teas, and machines that distance us from the truth written in our nature. It’s time to relearn what it means to live well and be true. Tracy changes lives every day on the mat, and she’s ready to expand that strategy to all aspects of your longevity. Movement is Tracy’s primary mode to get the most of life. For Duke Ellington, it was jazz. Joan Didion’s was writing. Michael Jordan found truth in basketball. This podcast will shed light on the methods we can use to live each day to the fullest. From Olympic athletes and scientists, to prolific artists and award-winning authors, each guest will share their curriculum to live a long, happy life. Tune in for new lessons in well-being, and become a lifelong student of your own health.