The Lone Wolf

How to assess and improve your Introvert life

from The Lone Wolf | Published 10/13/2020

In this episode, we discuss how to access and improve your introvert life by: Rating aspects of our lives from 1 to 10 Setting new targets And then lay out the steps to get there Feel free to play along, you could do this in the notes in your phone, or with a sheet of paper and a pen

Om Podcasten

If you need time alone to recharge after being around others, you are an Introvert and I made this podcast for you. I help introverts succeed in business and life by sharing strategies and tools to navigate the world more easily. I asked for some life lessons: moving abroad solo, accountant to a comedian, finding love. Some I didn’t ask for: IVF, a premmie baby, a mentally ill mother in-law, depression, a failed business. All lone wolves can still learn from the pack, let me tell you the paths best avoided and those worth taking