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Dealing with Self Doubt as a Designer with Arjun Ahluwalia

from The Logo Geek Podcast | Published 12/6/2020

Design is one of the hardest jobs there is. We strive to create the best design work we can, seek to follow the latest design trends and constantly push to get better. With that comes comparison, and often a feeling of never being good enough. Many designers struggle with self-doubt and impostor syndrome, which can lead to an unhealthy mental health.On this podcast Ian is joined by Arjun Ahluwalia to discuss his struggles with self-doubt, and how he's worked to overcome it. Arjun is the co-founder of Uting design, and co-host of the Design Revision Podcast.Show notes and interview transcription: by Freelance with Janda, The Ultimate Freelance Course.

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