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Creating Distinct Audio Branding

from The Logo Geek Podcast | Published 11/15/2020

When most of us think about branding we picture logos, fonts, images and colour. But with a TV in most peoples homes, and mobile devices in peoples pockets everywhere they go, sound and video have become increasingly important for businesses globally.With so much opportunity to be heard through a wide range of platforms, having a consistent audio brand across video and audio is key to aid recognition and to stand out and differentiate from the competition.In this weeks episode Ian's joined by the team from Drop Music Branding; Mauro González, Dalmiro Lacaze and Gabriel Agüero, where we discuss Audio Branding, the process to create a distinct sound for a brand, and we go behind the scenes on the creation of the new Logo Geek audio too.Show notes and episode transcription can be found here: episode is supported by affiliate sales from Placeit, where you can find thousands of high-quality branding mockups, perfect for your design portfolio.

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