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Creating a Unique Brand Story with Gregory V. Diehl

from The Logo Geek Podcast | Published 11/29/2020

We all love to hear, read or watch a good story. But have you considered that a brand can have a story too?If you're a business owner, creating a story might be deemed as a low priority task. But did you know that a well-crafted brand story will allow a business to display its uniqueness, increase sales, help founders build more a fulfilling business, and attract and retain good staff too?To learn more about the importance of story when building a business Ian Paget interviews Gregory V. Diehl, author of 'Brand Identity Breakthrough', a book created to help business owners craft their company's unique story to make their products irresistible. In this interview, we'll break down how to create a brand story, and how to tell it too.Show notes and interview transcription can be found here:

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