My 10 (Current) Daily Rituals For Wellbeing | #185

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Helen Denham (De·nim) is a visionary mentor for women who are seeking to transform their lives and embody their most authentic selves. Certified as a Behavior Change Specialist, CBT Practitioner, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Facilitator, and Reiki II Healer, Helen is uniquely equipped to guide her clients on a journey of quantum healing and self-discovery. She's here to inspire and empower her community to design lives that feel authentic, meaningful, and fulfilling through transformative spiritual and action-oriented practices.With her compassionate and supportive guidance, Helen has helped hundreds of women experience profound healing, self-awareness, and a higher quality of life through her immersive mentorship program, meditation classes, and community gatherings. Helen also hosts the ‘Lifted' podcast and has interviewed over 150 thought leaders. Her history includes performing for years at top venues in NYC as a singer-songwriter, serving as the Chair of UN Women's YP Committee in NYC, teaching meditation with Unplug and the DEN in LA, helping numerous businesses grow their brands (startups, non-profits, and private practices) and traveling the globe to study mindfulness. Visit and IG @helendenham_ for more.