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Best ideas of #105 Seth Godin: Failing On Our Way To Mastery | The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish

from The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish | 5 minute podcast summary | Published 2/23/2021

Original episode: The value of having a process & making the decision once, understanding the stories others tell themselves & saying how dare you to those that shame us. Who is Seth Godin? An entrepreneur & marketer with one of the most popular blogs in the world on business & marketing, founder of AltMBA.  Author of 19 best selling books including Purple Cow, This is Marketing, The practice, covering creative work, marketing & more. Founder of Yoyodyne, which was sold for ~$30 million to Yahoo! and became Yahoo's vice president of direct marketing. 1 quote: "Dolly Parton says: Find out who you are and do it on purpose.  Seth likes to flip Dolly's phrase upside down, and say do it on purpose and you'll find out who you are." 3 ideas: Idea 1 @ 4mins:  Process saves us from the poverty of our intentions.    Sometimes we're in a bad mood or get discouraged because of some negative feedback or event, which makes it much harder to think about what the best thing to do is in that moment.  And in those moments, you are not the best version of yourself, but you're still yourself.  But if you have a practice and habit, you get through those hiccups, because you've already decided previously you're going to do it.  You want to set-up processes and a consistent practice for the things that you know you want to do in the long term, make the decision once, then you have a process that doesn't depend on how you're feeling in the moment. Idea 2 @ 25mins: Most people don't do anything that doesn't make sense to themselves.   All around us, there are people who make choices that we would not make, who do things that we would not do. People eating food we wouldn't eat, participating in activities we wouldn't want a part of.  This happens is because everyone tells themselves a different story. They don't believe what we believe. They don't know what we know. They don't want what we want.  Realizing the different stories people tell themselves, help you better understand how we can interact with others in the world. Idea 3 @ 1 hour and 10mins: How dare you is not said often enough to people who are seeking to shame us.   If you had a boss who woke you up in the middle of the night, scolded you for not working hard enough, criticized all your work and told you you were never going to amount to anything, you would not work for that person for very long.   And yet most of us that is our own boss, that's who we work for, that voice in our head.  And if that voice is shaming you, you need to figure out how to undo that internal narrative because it is extinguishing your work.  Useful feedback from people who know how to give criticism doesn't come with shame, it's just information. Some of other things covered in the episode include:  Seth's 3 pillars of how he views the world; the questions he asks and the answers he seeks. How sunk costs is a gift from your former self & how it plays into our daily lives. The role that friction & luck play into our lives, and how friction has changed with technology.  The difference between an amateur and professional, and hobbies versus labour.

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