Twitter’s Endgame

We planned to do another episode this week, but on a different tech stock. We did indeed record that episode, but at the same time, with all the developments around Twitter - the board's adoption of a poison pill, Elon Musk's discussion of his bid during a Ted talk, and Jack Dorsey's subtweets of the board, among other things - we decided to discuss the situation. Akram's Razor posted a case for why Twitter's Endgame is at hand. Daniel had questions. And with this being a fast-moving situation, we are sharing it quickly. The second half of the discussion, on a different tech company, will come out later this week. Topics Covered 3:00 minute mark – How the surrounding situation has changed and the case for the Elon Musk offer 15:30 – Why the current price of offer is ok and avoiding anchoring 28:00 – The private company angle and Twitter’s needed transformation 40:30 – Jack’s presence in all of this  

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