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S1-E5 Andra M. Popa: Design and art in compliance

from The Human Firewall | Published 4/16/2021

ENGLISH INTERVIEW STARTS AT 04:04  Our guest is Andra M. Popa, independent compliance consultant in the US health sector, and your hosts are Lasse Frost and Christian Lykke-Rasmussen.  The episode explores how you can create better compliance by being humble, interdisciplinary, and creative.  Follow Andra M. Popa on LinkedIn here. Learn more about Design + Compliance and find all relevant cases and articles here.  Andra’s vision: That compliance officers do not have to be police officers, but instead focusing on allowing people to be creative help them grow in their roles.  Andra’s 3 advice: What can we do tomorrow: Make sure that the compliance officer is independent. Take a look at your organizational charts and the reality of your organization, and make sure the people in compliance roles are not reporting to anyone in operations.  What can we do in 6 months: Be visible, reachable, and apply concrete design ideas to your compliance work. Not only the compliance role, but also policies and procedures can be designed with different tools. Disseminate your information with readable fonts, maximum 2 pages, more emotional and fun, and targeted to the groups of people who should use them. And then, in the background, keep auditing and iterating, and doing field work how people conceive and make use of your policies and procedures. What can we do in 5 years: Development of tiny habits is key, because things can change so quickly, and we need to be ready for that change. Also, give people autonomy to make decisions for themselves in situations that does not fit into a black-and-white view of e.g. ethics. 

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