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S1-E1 Christian Hunt: Behavioral design in compliance

from The Human Firewall | Published 2/10/2021

ENGLISH INTERVIEW STARTS AT 06:36 The guest is Christian Hunt from Human Risk, and your hosts are Lasse Frost and Christian Lykke-Rasmussen.This episode is about why compliance has such a bad reputation, and how we can change that with simple tools from behavioral design.Find our LinkedIn community here.Listen to Christian Hunt's podcast Human Risk here.Learn more about Human Risk here.Christian Hunt's vision:  That one day, kids grow up genuinely wanting to become a compliance officer. Because, at the moment, nobody does. The brand is horrible. I would love it, if we could make it more compelling. And I think it is crucial to position compliance closer to its natural place at the center of strategic considerations in all organizations.  Christian Hunts 3 advice: What can we do tomorrow: Think about every single interaction you have with your target audience (e-mails you send out, policies you create, training you put on, posters etc.). One bad (i.e. boring, patronizing, unhelpful) communication touch point can undermine your entire programme.  What can we do in 6 months: Start developing behavioral-design skillset. Understand the psychology of non-compliance – especially when you, on the surface of it, think it doesn’t make any sense at all – by consulting behavioral-design techniques, ideas, and frameworks (there are loads!), and start experimenting strategically.  What can we do in 5 years: Fundamentally rebranding compliance. Turn it into a space where people appreciate what compliance is there to do. Right now, it is viewed as a necessary evil – they tolerate us in meetings. But rebranding compliance would make them want us there, not least in strategic meetings. 

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