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Confessions XVI: Dickcoin (Q4 2004)

from the Hugh Hendry podcasts | Published 4/23/2021

Mick Jagger's Swagger warns us to be wary of Bitcoin

Hugh lifts the lid on how the pressures of working side by side with Crispin Odey drove him to seek refuge on Mustique, where he rented a house next door to Sir Mick Jagger and near Bryan Adams, He talks about how a drop in commodity prices in late 2004 hit him hard, but how he battled with the searing Caribbean heat (minus air-conditioning) to end the year +8%. 

Hedge Fund pirate Hugh Hendry and co-host Chris Sweeney chronicle the inner workings of the uncorrelated and legendary Eclectica Fund. The boys use Hugh's monthly client letters as a Hedge Fund boot camp to reveal what he was thinking and why he made the decisions he did, in real time. No new Hedge Fund wannabee can afford to miss the journey to the present day where Hugh reveals and expounds upon his latest macro insights. 

This week there's also a look at the fall in Bitcoin, what a gap in a price chart signifies and Hugh reveals that he no longer knows where the Chinese currency should trade.

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