The Guerrilla Crafts Podcast 3: Rufina Bazlova

The third guest in The Guerrilla Crafts Podcast is Rufina Bazlova. She was born in Belarus and has lived in the Czech Republic the last 13 years. She is an artist, illustrator and crafter who uses her cross stitches to tell stories about the current political situation in Belarus. She started her Instagram account in august 2020, and quickly became a spokesperson in craft regarding the questions that came after the fraud election on the current president of the country, Alexander Lukasjenko. As soon as the demonstrations started in Minsk, she posted the events describing and commenting on them in stitches. Not using many words but expressing her message through the traditional folk art symbols of her country.  In this episode we get to hear more about her work supporting the revolution in Belarus and how she found her way to politics through folk art.

Om Podcasten

Welcome to the Guerrilla Crafts Podcast where we will examine the state of craftivism throughout the world, talking to crafters - stitchers, knitters, quilters - in short makers with an idea of using their craft to make a change and letting their opinions show through their yarns. I am Frida Arnqvist Engström, I am a journalist calling from Stockholm, Sweden. Now, let's go talk to some guerrilla crafters out there!