The Guerrilla Crafts Podcast 2:Tal Fitzpatrick

The second guest of the Guerrilla Crafts Podcast is Tal Fitzpatrick. The israeliborn craftivist and artist lives in Melbourne from where she is running various socially engaged projects on spot and digitally. Here is an interview made over the internet a few months back, discussing how to use the power of craft to make social change and to get people to engage in the hands-on practice of democracy.

Om Podcasten

Welcome to the Guerrilla Crafts Podcast where we will examine the state of craftivism throughout the world, talking to crafters - stitchers, knitters, quilters - in short makers with an idea of using their craft to make a change and letting their opinions show through their yarns. I am Frida Arnqvist Engström, I am a journalist calling from Stockholm, Sweden. Now, let's go talk to some guerrilla crafters out there!