The Guerrilla Crafts Podcast 1: Betsy Greer

The first guest in The Guerrilla Crafts Podcast is the american craftivist Betsy Greer. She has been called the godmother of craftivism, the term craft and activism were put together to craftivism in the year 2003 and Betsy was the one poularizing the term. She is still a strong voice on the craft scene, giving talks and writing about the subject, as well as being a craftivist herself. Here is an interview from Washington made at the beginning of this year. 

Om Podcasten

Welcome to the Guerrilla Crafts Podcast where we will examine the state of craftivism throughout the world, talking to crafters - stitchers, knitters, quilters - in short makers with an idea of using their craft to make a change and letting their opinions show through their yarns. I am Frida Arnqvist Engström, I am a journalist calling from Stockholm, Sweden. Now, let's go talk to some guerrilla crafters out there!