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What's Stopping You? Overcoming Imposter Syndrome to Find Your Creative Voice.

from The Good Ship Illustration | Published 10/26/2020

In this episode, we talk about imposter syndrome, authenticity, getting excited about your own work, and how to be consistent.Bonus: how to eat an elephant🚢🚢🚢Want to be part of an online community, full of fellow creatives?Build your illustration career and make your best creative work ever?It's time to discover how good it feels to truly be yourself in your work!Bask in your weirdness and follow your creative dreams - our course doors open on 30th October for FIND YOUR CREATIVE VOICE: FLY YOUR FREAK FLAG.Find out more and join the waiting list: Doors open on Friday 30th, and close on the 6th of November, OR when we reach capacity!🚢🚢🚢p.s. See you at The Good Ship Art club. Friday 8pm UK time on Instagram. We'll open the doors to the course live.We’re @thegoodshipillustration. 

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We’re here to offer no-nonsense advice for illustrators and image-makers navigating a creative career. At The Good Ship Illustration, we are all about finding your creative voice, standing out from the crowd, building career-longevity, and being yourself. You’d love your creative work if only you could find more time to do it, make more money, and feel confident with what you make. We believe you DO have what it takes, illustration needn’t be scary, and we’re with you all the way, along with the rest of the crew in our online community.