Mind Game 01: Dr. Mark Lowry, Concentration, Confidence and Commitment

The brain processes roughly 70,000 thoughts per day. With 100 billion neurons connected nearly 500 trillion different ways, it’s without question the most important club in your bag. So as we continue The Index Experiment, it’s vital to examine the mind’s role in playing better golf. In this new podcast series, we’ll hear from high performers, academics and experts across a wide range of disciplines, all offering mental models, hacks and insights to help in your search for improvement.  On the first installment of this new TGJ Podcast series, host Casey Bannon speaks with Dr. Mark Lowry—a clinical psychologist who began his career in the Army where he evaluated, assessed and coached elite special operations aviators. In this fascinating conversation we learn about Lowry’s work with top CEOs to Olympians, where his “three C’s” method produces mind-bending results.  This podcast is 100% reader-supported thanks to the Broken Tee Society. Become a member here: https://glfrsj.nl/MembershipsYT Casey Bannon: https://twitter.com/CaseyFBannon Dr. Mark Lowry: https://thewinningmind.com/

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