Is #MeToo finally exploding in French cinema?

When #MeToo surfaced in October 2017, it was viewed as a time of change for the US and Hollywood. But in France – another country with a rich cinematic heritage – there was major backlash to allegations made against its own stars. Now though, a new wave of controversy, headlined by prolific actor Gerard Depardieu, has reignited media debate.Katya is joined by journalists Catherine Guilyardi and Nina Kropotkine to consider whether the #MeToo movement is finally exploding in French cinema.The Global Story brings you trusted insights from BBC journalists worldwide. We’re keen to hear from you, wherever you are in the world. We want your ideas, stories and experiences to help us understand and tell The Global Story. Email us at [email protected] You can also message us or leave a voice note via WhatsApp on +44 330 123 9480. #TheGlobalStoryThis episode was made by Laurie Kalus and Emilia Jansson. The technical producers were Sam Dickinson and Graham White. The assistant editor is Sergi Forcada Freixas and the senior news editor is Jonathan Aspinwall.

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