Bengal famine: The WWII tragedy the world forgot

At least three million people died in the Bengal Famine of 1943 in British India. It was one of the largest losses of civilian life on the Allied side. But there is no memorial to them anywhere in the world. A new BBC documentary series, 'Three Million', examines the devastating impact of the Bengal famine during the Second World War. Katya speaks to presenter Kavita Puri about why so little attention has been paid to such a massive tragedy, and to the people who lived through it.The Global Story brings trusted insights from BBC experts around the world, with Katya Adler. We need you to help us understand and tell The Global Story. Email ideas and thoughts to [email protected]. You can also message or leave a voice note on WhatsApp on +44 330 123 9480.Today’s podcast was made by Peter Goffin, Beth Timmins and Alix Pickles. The technical producers were Hannah Montgomery and Sam Dickinson. The assistant editor is Sergi Forcada Freixas and the senior news editor is Jonathan Aspinwall.

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