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Dr. Julie T. Anné - Stop self-sabotage and end binge eating

from The Glenn Mackintosh Show - A Health Psychology Podcast | Published 7/31/2019

Working on mindset and developing the ability to intuitively eat are so important for cultivating a healthy relationship with food.  But research suggests they are only 50% of the puzzle for people who have deeper issues underlying their eating struggles.  If you are one of these people, resolving these issues can help you completely heal your relationship with food and end binge eating for good. In this goosebump-giving interview world-leading eating disorders and trauma expert, Dr. Julie T. Anné and I discuss: - That a FULL recovery from disordered eating is possible. - The difference between emotional eating, binging, & just poor eating habits. - The underlying psychological reasons why we binge. - How to identify if you’ll benefit from doing “deeper work”. - The three pillars of psychological wellness that protect against binge eating:   - A loving relationship with yourself.   - A healthy relationship with your emotions, &   - Safe supportive personal relationships. - What creates a positive emotional foundation. - How childhood experiences and trauma affect your emotional foundation. - “Reworking history” and developing a new emotional foundation. - How changing yourself creates intergenerational - Practical steps you can take to start working on deeper issues. - What therapy looks like and how to find someone to support you. Links from Podcast: - Weight Management Psychology Team (Skype sessions available all over Australia) - A New Beginning - Arizona’s Premier Eating Disorder Treatment Clinic - The Healthy Weigh Out - Revolutionary Emotional and Binge Eating Program - Psychology of Eating, Movement, Weight, & Body Image Facebook Support Group - Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley’s YouTube Channel - Our mutual friend Taryn Brumfitt - Dr Julie on Instagram & Facebook - Dr Ashley on Instagram - Feelings, Wants, & Needs List (from free resources section of our website) Where to find a psychologist to help you do this work: see information on this page

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