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Dr. Gina Cleo - Creating Healthy Habits

from The Glenn Mackintosh Show - A Health Psychology Podcast | Published 10/23/2019

Research suggests that half of everything we do is habitual. But most attempts to improve our health actually focus on changing behaviours rather than habits, meaning we still need to consciously use effort and willpower in order to continue our improvements into the long-term. Our next guest has identified this huge problem and made it her life’s work to research some amazingly simple ways to create healthy habits that last for life. In this playful and lively interview, Australia’s only full-time habits researcher Dr Gina Cleo and I discuss: - The difference between behaviours and habits. - Setting the record straight on how long it takes to create a habit. - Gina likes variety, Glenn likes routine (and what this means for you!) - You only need motivation to get started (habits keep you going!) - Changing habits WITHOUT a diet or exercise plan (no yo-yo!) - How habit change is NOT sexy, but it IS life-changing. - Creating micro-habits to re-wire the brain’s pathways. - Breaking habits through ‘restructuring’ and ‘reprogramming’. - How to make new habits that are as rewarding as old habits! Selected Links from Podcast: Pre-Order Thinsanity: Sum Sanos Program: Dr. Gina’s Website: The Ten Top Tips: Video with Lyndi Cohen about adding, not subtracting:

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