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Coping with COVID-19 - Webinar with Twelve Month Transformation participants

from The Glenn Mackintosh Show - A Health Psychology Podcast | Published 4/10/2020

I speak with my Twelve Month Transformation Online participants about coping with COVID-19. In this recorded webinar – which becomes a bit like group therapy – the group and I discuss: ✔︎ Applying the ‘3Ps’ of optimism in a global pandemic ✔︎ Reducing stress and emotional eating while social distancing ✔︎ What to do about health goals during this unprecedented crisis Selected Links from Podcast: ‘Thinsanity: 7 Steps to Transform Your Mindset and Say Goodbye to Dieting Forever’: Twelve Month Transformation Online Program: Video of Webinar: Our Facebook Support Group: ‘Learned Optimism’ by Martin Seligman: Louise Green podcast:  Louise Green 30 Days Free Offer: Yoga with Adriene:

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