050. Herbs to Grow, Gift, and Eat This Holiday Season

Bailey is talking about growing herbs this winter as well as their uses and great ways to gift them. She walks you through growing conditions as well as which herbs go well together in a planter.  To download this herb checklist and a recipe for rosemary biscuits, do that HERE.  For more info on Bailey Van Tassel go to www.baileyvantassel.com  For info on E-Cloth, go to www.ecloth.com and use code "Garden culture" for a discount!

Om Podcasten

The Garden Culture Podcast is more than just a how-to garden podcast, this is a place where we let the garden inspire our lives, as well as get to know incredible people who infuse their own lives with the magic of nature and gardening. Follow along as we talk about what to do in the garden each month and interview interesting people who weave gardening into their lives. Our host, Bailey Van Tassel, is a home gardener and the founder of a national gardening club. Her goal is to get more people gardening, especially in suburbia and small spaces, as she has. Bailey's mission is to make gardening an American pastime and a part of our innate culture. Her hope is to have more families raise their kids with a reverence for nature and an instinct for growing their own food and flowers.