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Reversing Hair Loss In Men & Women

from The Freely Rooted Podcast | Published 9/22/2021

Is it really our genes that contribute to male pattern baldness & hair loss? We sit down with Danny Roddy, author of #1 best-selling free Amazon book HAIR LIKE A FOX: A Bioenergetic View of Pattern Hair Loss, to discuss the bigger picture here. While men & women experiencing hair loss are typically on a desperate search for a quick-fix, Danny reminds us that hair loss is communication of a deeper issue. 

Join us as we sit down & discuss the following:

  • Danny's story with hair loss
  • How Danny discovered Ray Peat
  • The problem with "expert culture"/authoritarianism/allopathic medicine
  • Breaking down the conventional theories of hair loss
  • The importance of self-monitoring to take charge of your own health
  • The bioenergetic/Ray Peat view of hair loss
  • An "anti-hair" lifestyle vs a "pro-hair" lifestyle
  • Q&A's

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