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Reclaiming The Female Libido

from The Freely Rooted Podcast | Published 4/14/2021

We are breaking taboos today to discuss this very relevant (and yet rarely discussed) topic - women's libido. Did you know that your libido is a marker of your health? It indicates safety within your body. Since libido is our body's desire to reproduce, our intelligent bodies will suppress that desire when it isn't safe to do so. So how can we create safety within our bodies & experience a thriving libido?

Join us as we sit down & discuss the following:

  • Why this topic is especially important to us, & our personal experiences with libido
  • The definition of libido
  • The top 5 suppressors of libido
  • The importance of addressing trauma
  • Postpartum libido
  • Our 3 steps to reclaim your libido
  • Addressing the sexual identity shift that comes with motherhood
  • Audience Q&A
  • Caitlin's story: how she reclaimed her libido, brought life + passion back into her marriage, & restored peace to her home by healing her metabolism

|| Kiara's birth control post ||

|| Book mentioned: Intended For Pleasure ||

|| Serotonin, Depression, And Aggression by Dr. Ray Peat ||

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