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Episode 5: Point Predictive - Frank McKenna, Chief Fraud Strategist - The Fraud Doomsday: How The Fraud Analyst Can Save The World

from The Fraud Technology Podcast: For Modern Fraud Fighters | Published 2/28/2021

The Fraud Technology Podcast: Episode 5 - Point Predictive - Frank McKenna, Chief Fraud Strategist - The Fraud Doomsday: How The Fraud Analyst Can Save The WorldCompany:  https://pointpredictive.comFraud-Blog: https://frankonfraud.comFrank McKenna, Chief Fraud Strategist & Fraud Prevention Industry Legend Predictive's Chief Fraud Strategist Frank McKenna is a counter-fraud industry legend with over 30 years of expertise and experience in the fraud prevention industry. Point Predictive is a world leader in the fraud industry by providing advanced artificial intelligence, data analytics, and good old fashion investigative expertise to solve industry problems once thought to be unsolvable. Frank has witnessed the fraud industry evolve, change, and become far more advanced over the last 30 years while being on the front lines. Today we talked about these major industry changes, the sophistication + unsophistication of the new fraudsters,  and most importantly, we discussed his fraud doomsday scenario, and what keeps this industry legend up at night. Frank's experience over the last 30 years has given him extremely valuable insight into the ever-evolving fraud trends, lifecycles, and technologies. Frank walks us through what is building up to be a industry collapsing fraud doomsday, and most importantly, how the lonely fraud analyst has the power to save an industry. Frank provided us with real-world examples, statistics, and what are some of the key ways to prevent a industry collapse. Frank also has an outstanding fraud-blog where he talks about the industry trends, industry news, and our personal favorite, future fraud perditions - which have proven to be beyond accurate.  Check out Frank's leading fraud-blog: https://frankonfraud.comIf you find this episode interesting and would like to contact Point Predictive, Frank McKenna, or would like to learn more about how Point Predictive and Frank are changing an industry: Website: https://pointpredictive.comEmail: [email protected]: Matt Vega  - Director of Fraud Strategy at BlueSnap Inc. Will Megson - Fraud Product Manager & The Co-Founder of Bouncer

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