Body Image, Self-Care & Motherhood w/ Jess Durando

On today's episode, Self-Care Strategist & Nutrition and Mindset Expert, Jess Durando joins me as we dive into why improving your body image isn't about losing weight, and practical steps so that you CAN feel better about your body NOW.  We also cover the importance of self-care, especially for MOMMAS (new momma over here!), letting go of mom guilt & so much more.   Connect with Jess @jessdurando

Om Podcasten

The FitSoul Podcast will help listeners learn tools that they can apply to their own lives to reconnect with their soul and get out of their own way. The goal is to help you stop looking for answers outside yourself, to help you understand that the REAL work and the REAL transformation happens when you go inside. My guests and I don't have the answers for your life, and we don't claim to, but if something resonates that is a sign that it is speaking to your soul. And that is what I want to do through this podcast, speak to your soul and remind you that you already have all you need within you to achieve, be, and create anything you desire. It's time to develop a FitSoul.