Launching a New Show!

So this is just a really quick show to let you know that I am launching a new show with my colleague and friend, Martin Stepek. The show is called The Mindful Family Business and will look at how you can apply the teachings of mindfulness to your family business. The new show is launching today and will feature on this feed for a limited time. After a certain time I will remove them from this feed but you will still be able to listen by subscribing wherever you get your podcasts. You can also find out more by visiting -

Om Podcasten

The podcast dedicated to Family Business. Working with your family can be both rewarding and challenging and this podcast provides you with practical tips and guidance on how to tackle some of these challenges. Check out the series on Governance, Succession, Family Dynamics and Family Business Theory. Each week we will explore the uniqueness of family businesses and provide you with the tools to help your business thrive.