The Empowered Parent Podcast

Gratitude - S08-E18 (#126)

from The Empowered Parent Podcast | Published 11/25/2021

Chris, Ryan, and Kayla are back and discussing something important, gratitude. We often talk about how we wish our kids had more gratitude, but they discuss how we need to model lives of gratitude for our kids. They share some of the things they are thankful for and why our circumstances sometimes make it hard for us to be thankful. Become a Patron of the Empowered Parent Podcast We love that we can play a part in bringing hope, encouragement, and healing to families across the world. We are so thankful for the people who have poured into us so we could pour into others. Would you consider supporting our ongoing work by becoming a patron of our podcast? One Big Happy Home Web | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Email | Trauma School | Patreon Produced by Dallas Stacy

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