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#490 — Paul Andrew Williams, Rob Delaney & Ellie Kemper, Mike Leigh & David Thewlis

from The Empire Film Podcast | Published 11/12/2021

Another bumper bonanza of film-related film this week, folks! On the interview front, Chris Hewitt has a wide-ranging series of chats, talking first to Paul Andrew Williams, writer/director of the brutal and brilliant thriller Bull; then he recovers just in time from a vicious attempt on his life to have a fun natter with Home Sweet Home Alone stars, Rob Delaney and Ellie Kemper, in which Rob reveals just how far he'd go to please Andy Daly; and finally there are previously unheard excerpts from our recent reunion interview with Naked director/star, Mike Leigh and David Thewlis, as their 1992 masterpiece is re-released in cinemas. Then, in the podbooth, Chris is joined by Helen O'Hara, Ben Travis and new addition to the Empire team, Sophie Butcher, for an episode that takes in everything from terrible movie professions to a discussion of the week's movie news (including deep, deep dives into Road House, and the Vin Diesel/Dwayne Johnson brouhaha), and reviews of Red Notice, Home Sweet Home Alone, Mothering Sunday, and Lin-Manuel Miranda's directorial debut, tick tick... BOOM! Oh, and there's much talk of sexy potatoes. Because of course there is. Enjoy!

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