The One Word That Removes Barriers To Learning

Do you ever encounter someone who, despite their best efforts, just can't seem to learn that new skill, and are getting frustrated, stressed and possibly angry with themselves in the process? This podcast shares with you the one word which can quickly and easily remove barriers to learning, and keep the frustrated learner engaged and committed. Find out more at or why not download your very own 2 week online management training course at  

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The Emotional Intelligence Channel focuses on helping you learn more about Emotional Intelligence and how to use emotional intelligence skills, tools, and techniques within your organisation to boost personal and team effectiveness. Hosted by two of the UK's most popular Emotional Intelligence presenters, Scott Watson and Dirk Bansch, the content avoids psychobabble and theory and focuses on helping you develop skills you can implement and use immediately. Find out even more at www DOT TheEmotionalIntelligenceChannel DOT co DOT uk .