Interview with Jamie Catto

In this episode, Neil catches up with Jamie Catto, the director of Becoming Nobody, about the life of Ram Dass. They spend quite a long time discussing money (it is relevant), before moving on to whether or not it's actual important to try to become nobody. They also mention his new podcast, The Gentle Village, which can be found here:!Thanks for listening to The Dribbling Buddhist. If you enjoyed the show...

Om Podcasten

Neil Webster (co-host of the podcast 'I Can't Believe It's Not Buddha' with Lee Mack) is back with a new podcast, all about his continuing investigation into the world of enlightenment, Buddhism and all things mindful. You could say he's going it alone, but Neil would argue that as we are all ultimately one entity, we're all going together. But just to be clear, he is going it alone. Neil will bring you interviews, field reports, Q&As, general musings and stories about him dribbling uncontrollably whilst meditating.If you'd like to get in touch with the podcast, Neil would love to hear from you, at [email protected]. Please subscribe and leave a review.