The Disclosure Podcast

Ep 6: Inside the Mind of an Undercover Investigator

from The Disclosure Podcast | Published 3/19/2019

In this episode I speak to ex-undercover investigator Rich Hardy, whose work has spanned decades, in a multitude of countries across several continents. From his early campaigning work right through his career as an investigator, Rich has been an active part in exposing the hidden horrors of many of the world's worst animal abusing industries, including farming, circuses and fur trapping.

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Join vegan educator, TEDx speaker and content creator Ed Winters as he explores topics surrounding veganism, morality, ethics, communication, and the environment, as well as discussing current events. Winters has spoken at over 1/3 of UK universities and at 6 Ivy league colleges, including as a guest lecturer at Harvard University. He has given speeches across the world, including at the University of Cambridge, EPFL, Google NYC and Google Zürich. In early 2019 he gave two TEDx talks, reaching a total of 1.5 million views online. His speech “You Will Never Look at Your Life in the Same Way Again” has 35 million accumulative views online and has been given to thousands of students across UK universities.