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Redefining Fatherhood For The Modern Dad, with Jeremy Macvean

from The Dad Train | Published 6/29/2021

The culture of fatherhood is undergoing a transformation. Dads today spend three times as many hours with their kids as they did in the 1960s. And traditional gender roles are being reinvented in incredible ways. Whilst this puts greater demands on fathers, it also presents a golden opportunity for dads to redefine the concept of a modern dad. Jeremy Macvean is co-founder of The-Father-Hood, an online business that offers support, advice and inspiration for dads.As a single father of three girls, Jeremy understands some of the unique challenges and opportunities of the modern dad. In this interview, he shares the story behind The-Father-Hood, discusses some key issues faced by dads and explains why the workplace is an important environment to harness the changing culture of fatherhood. What you’ll learnThe story behind How the culture of fatherhood has changed in one generationHow Australia compares to the rest of the worldHow organisations can help support the changing landscape for fathersReasons why men don’t take advantage of parental leave optionsWhich topics are dads engaging withJeremy’s experience raising three girls The importance of self-care for dadsHow to manage separation and divorce as a fatherHow Matt Damon and Chris Hemsworth inspired The Father Hood book.More informationShow notes and  links to the resources mentioned in this interview are available at

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