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Crowdsourced Parenting Advice From 42 Dads, with Craig Kessler

from The Dad Train | Published 7/14/2021

Craig Kessler is COO of one of the world’s fastest-growing sports and entertainment companies. He’s also a father of three young boys. After realising he had a lot to learn about parenting, Craig reached out to his network and asked them to write him a letter on “how to be a good dad”. After receiving responses from a wide range of dads, including athletes, TV personalities, businessmen and civic leaders, Craig compiled the advice into a book, which became known as ‘The Dad Advice Project’In this interview, Craig discusses some of the common themes he discovered and shares a few stories that had the biggest impact on his life as a dad. What you’ll learnAbout Craig’s career as COO of TopGolfHis fatherhood story and what he has learned along the wayWhat inspired him to launch ‘The Dad Advice Project’Some of the well-known names who contributed storiesThe three common pieces of parenting advice he learned from interviewing over 40 dads for the bookTwo parenting ideas that really stood out for CraigHow other dads can get involved with The Dad Advice ProjectMore InformationShow notes and links to references mentioned in this interview are available at

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