Seed To Vase - A Collection Of Stories. Alice Hare

A chapter from the book Seed to Vase- a collection of storiesAlice Hare joined me on my seed to vase course. This is a chapter from the book about her story.SEED TO VASE - A journey that involved so much more than growing flowers.Participants came together from all corners of the UK, USA and Europe to join an 8 month course on growing cut flowers. From homes in many acres in Scotland, to apartment blocks in London with rented raised beds, they all had a common love of flowers. But these people found so much more than that. This book details some of their lives and experiences as they learned not only how to grow cut flowers, but a great deal about themselves and one another. They found a community in which they all found inspiration and confidence, regardless of their initial reasons for joining the course.Seed to Vase includes stories of bereavement, sadness, joy and laughter at a time when the world was facing restrictions in so many ways due to Covid-19. This was a time to rediscover nature and the simple joys in life.Roz is the founder of Field Gate Flowers and is passionate about growing, harvesting and arranging seasonally-grown British blooms.  Visit Book available from the 17th on AmazonPaperback - Kindle- 

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If you love cut flowers you are in the right place.The host Roz Chandler has been a cut flower farmer for nearly ten years and is passionate about helping others to have their own cutting patches.This podcast is for you if:-. You currently grow or want to grow cut flowers for pleasure.. You are starting out growing cut flowers and would love to be part of a growing community.. You are a florist wishing to grow cut flowers and reduce reliance on imported blooms.Your host is passionate about reducing the number of cut flowers travelling many thousands of miles from across the globe and therefore helping to reduce the carbon footprint on our planet for our children and their children.Cut flower guests will join us on this journey.We look forward to welcoming you to our community.Join our Facebook community group The Cut Flower Collective for more hints and tips. our free PDF on our Top Ten Tips for Having A Cutting Patch Instagram is