All about Chrysanthemums with Tom From Woolmans

Today's episode is all about Chysanthemums. I was joined by the lovely Tom from Woolmans. A font of all knowledge as he has been in horticulture all his life.If you are in our Membership group we do have discounts from suppliers - Woolmans have been very generous.What is our membership?It's a wonderful community of flower lovers.There is a no-commitment to remain a member (although over 95 percent do)...There is a  monthly fee for access to guest speakers, masterclasses, weekly lives from the farm, and a whole host of discounts - and of course a community of like-minded people all helping each other to grow the best cut flowers. Did I mention the resource centre? website can be found here Happy browsing

Om Podcasten

If you love cut flowers you are in the right place.The host Roz Chandler has been a cut flower farmer for nearly ten years and is passionate about helping others to have their own cutting patches.This podcast is for you if:-. You currently grow or want to grow cut flowers for pleasure.. You are starting out growing cut flowers and would love to be part of a growing community.. You are a florist wishing to grow cut flowers and reduce reliance on imported blooms.Your host is passionate about reducing the number of cut flowers travelling many thousands of miles from across the globe and therefore helping to reduce the carbon footprint on our planet for our children and their children.Cut flower guests will join us on this journey.We look forward to welcoming you to our community.Join our Facebook community group The Cut Flower Collective for more hints and tips. our free PDF on our Top Ten Tips for Having A Cutting Patch Instagram is