Kelly Richmond Pope - Watching The Whistleblowers

Renowned forensic accounting expert Kelly Richmond Pope shows fraud in action, uncovering what makes perps tick -- and she returns to the Crisis Cast to define the archetypes of the fraudster.  Kelly also applauds the bravery of whistleblowers, and explains their peril. With Lissa Druss on assignment, Thom Serafin flies solo with Kelly to dig further on what was so fascinating and maddening about the story of former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes.  Plus, you'll learn the newest lessons she's teaching her accounting students at DePaul University. Kelly Richmond Pope is the author of the best-selling book Fooled Me Once, and director of the documentary film, All The Queen's Horses.

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The Crisis Cast is a conversational journey in business leadership during a crisis. Our cast of experts review crisis management scenarios and provide resources for navigating uncharted waters. Each episode is moderated by renowned crisis communicators Lissa Druss and Thom Serafin.