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S4E19 (#70): Fashions Provided By

from The Chat | Published 6/9/2021

Join Casey, Tiggz, Chaz, Alan, and Dee as they unpack the latest hot topics of daytime! -- Sheryl Underwood will be the sole host of the Daytime Emmy Awards this year -- Liam goes to jail on B&B -- Summer and Kyle put their wedding plans back on track on Y&R -- Roger Howarth debuts as Austin on GH -- And, John McCook marks another guest stint on Y&R as B&B's Eric --- Support this podcast:

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There's always so much to CHAT about in the television industry! From soap operas, to talk shows, to primetime dramas, and everything in between, Casey, Tiggz, Rodrigo, Alan, and Chaz have got you covered! Support this podcast: