Summer's Over

Summer's Over Episode 15 of the Chainsmokers Podcast, Tae and Tyler discuss the projects of 2017 thus far.. Bringing up heavy hitters like Rick Ross with Rather You Than Me, and Drake's More Life. We also bring up the newer artist making power moves and solidifying themselves in the cuture. Can't wait to see what the future holds for those artist and the projects we have to hear. A bittersweet moment as we're ending season 1 of the Chainsmokers Podcast.. We have big things in store so stay tuned to see what we have cooking up. Send us a email: [email protected] Search us On Social Media The Chainsmokers Podcast Twitter: @thechainsmoke_

Om Podcasten

Hosted By Tae & Tyler (Formerly known as The Chainsmokers Podcast) Who says millennials don't have perspective??? 2 brothers discussing all things music and entertainment, while adding food for thought to motivate their youth. "What's the bizness!" "If you ain't choking, you ain't smoking!"