While doing a routine health check at Berrow pig unit, Paul tells Hannah that his mum is staying, so he’s sleeping on the sofa. He invites Hannah to join his quiz team tonight, but she doesn’t fancy it. Meanwhile, on another part of the unit, Jazzer recommends the Grundys’ Halloween Trail to Alistair because he looks like he could do with a laugh. Jazzer reports that Hannah still hasn’t found anywhere to live locally. If she ends up moving away he’ll be gutted. After the vet visit, Hannah says she needs to be realistic about her future. She was thinking Jazzer should take on her role if she leaves. Jazzer says he does pigs, not paperwork. At the pub, Stella’s disappointed that it’s only her and Paul on their quiz team. When Hannah turns up, she says she’ll make up the numbers, but doesn’t plan on joining in. Hannah and Stella meet one another properly before Hannah ends up providing plenty of quiz answers. After the quiz, Paul, Stella and Hannah celebrate winning the first prize of bar credit. While Paul gets the drinks in, Hannah explains her homeless situation. Stella mentions the Bungalow has a spare room, but then pulls back saying it would actually be a decision for Brookfield. Hannah understands and presumes it’s a no-go. Meanwhile, outside the pub, Alistair tells Jazzer he knows Denise is staying at The Stables, but hasn’t yet gone over to say hello. Jazzer says Hannah would recommend him for her Berrow job, but Jazzer doesn’t feel it would be right. However, Alistair convinces him to give it a go.

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An intense and gripping week of events unfolds in Ambridge. Listen to all the drama here.