Lilian isn’t looking forward to Harry Chilcott’s return, but Alice says not to worry. She’s looked him up online and knows his type. Later, Alice is grooming Sadie when Harry arrives. He compliments Alice’s way with the horse, commenting that it’s management who sometimes let the team down. Alice then introduces herself as manager of The Stables. She listens to Harry’s concerns and talks through the decision-making on the day Sadie was injured. Harry thaws, acknowledging that he was a little hot-headed with his accusations. Lilian encourages Alice to take Harry on a tour, but Alice puts him off. He gives Alice his card, suggesting he buy her lunch to apologise for his earlier behaviour. Alice turns him down repeatedly, then gets flustered when Harry says it’s clear that she really doesn’t want to meet up. Joy waits outside with Jack while Helen goes in to see how Rob is, before taking Jack in. With Rob, Helen makes clear her conditions for Jack’s visit. She’s surprised when Rob simply agrees to her demands. As she leaves to get Jack, vulnerable Rob asks how he looks. Fine, she says. But when it comes to the moment Jack bursts into tears and refuses to go inside. Helen won’t force Jack into doing something he doesn’t want to, so she asks Joy to wait with Jack while she goes back to see Rob. Joy’s worried for Helen going in alone, but Helen says she’ll be alright. Then, when Helen delivers the news about Jack to Rob, he cries and asks her to leave.

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