At Berrow, Jazzer gets increasingly frustrated when the computer he’s using crashes again. Hannah encourages him to keep going with the management training, but quickly realises he doesn’t actually want the job. Jazzer’s worried about letting Tracy down, but Hannah tells him to stop beating himself up. Later, in The Bull, Jazzer tells Tracy he’s not going for Hannah’s job after all – he’s good around pigs not being stuck in an office. He thought Tracy would be fuming, but she says she loves him no matter what. Jazzer then gets a message from Hannah saying she’s moving in with Stella, so she can stay on at Berrow after all. At the Tearoom George talks Tracy and Emma through the merchandising methods Bridge Farm are using to boost sales. Emma thinks he sounds just like Natasha. Helen comes in and asks Emma about Oliver’s land sale progress. She mentions Bridge Farm could be interested, then switches focus to the newly arrived promo stands, yet to go out on the tables. Sensitive to Fallon’s issues with the Tearoom ownership, Helen compromises by having just one stand at the till. Later, Emma reports the promotion is doing well. When Helen has to leave suddenly to collect Jack from school, George offers to man the shop. Emma is proud of him for stepping up. George asks about the Grange Farm land sale and Emma says Martyn Gibson is going to look round tomorrow. George wonders if he can put Martyn off somehow, but Emma tells him to stay out of it.

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