Tracy chivvies Jazzer as he takes time over breakfast. Jazzer’s feeling unsure about taking on Hannah’s job, but Tracy says he’s got nothing to worry about - she believes in him and reminds him to believe in himself. At Berrow, Hannah shows how data is recorded and used to an overawed Jazzer. His heart sinks when Hannah says there is more to show him in the office. He struggles to get to grips with the spreadsheets Hannah shows him and his head swims with all the information she is sharing. When Tracy calls, Jazzer lies, saying it’s all going well and she tells him she’s proud of him. Ed collars Eddie about doing nothing since Oliver announced he’s looking at selling part of Grange Farm. Eddie tells Ed to stop worrying and accept it’s all out of their control. Oliver joins them and Eddie and Ed are stunned to learn that he plans to sell 10 acres. Ed panics about what this will mean for grazing his Texel flock. Oliver delivers another blow by explaining that to raise the money he needs he has to sell prime land that has planning permission and road access. Eddie realises this means the plot includes a barn that goes back through Grundy history. Eddie and Ed continue to challenge Oliver about his decision. When Oliver appeals for them to be rational, Eddie counters that Oliver’s decision to rebuild Grey Gables isn’t rational. They reach a stand-off and Oliver decides to walk away before anyone says something they’ll regret.

Om Podcasten

An intense and gripping week of events unfolds in Ambridge. Listen to all the drama here.