Alan hangs back at St Stephen’s, stalling going to Bonfire Night. Joy comes in to retrieve her gloves. Alan is pleased to see her. She hopes he understands why she hasn’t been able to come to church until today. He doesn’t think anyone at Bonfire Night will want to see him but Joy encourages him to go. On The Green, last minute preparations are made for Bonfire Night. Kirsty’s impressed with it all and Kenton credits Mia for inspiring the eco-friendly initiatives. Kenton worries The Bull will lose out next year with a group of neighbours wanting the event moved to Jubilee Field. Eddie shuts down the conversation when Kenton asks about Oliver planning to sell part of Grange Farm. Later, while George assists Eddie with bonfire and firework tasks, he asks if Eddie’s worried about Oliver selling some land. Eddie says it’s just rumours, he’s sure it will work out fine. At the bonfire, Alan feels paranoid. Are people actively avoiding him? Usha says people won’t be able to stay angry for long, especially if Alan shows his face at public events. However, Alan is worried about the church’s finances, with a number of regular donations being cancelled. He can’t get into the event and leaves early. Everyone is looking forward to the quiet fireworks Eddie has supplied, but they explode with loud bangs. Angry Kenton tracks down Eddie – these fireworks are going to lose The Bull the event! Eddie can’t see the problem, everyone loved the display. Kenton says Eddie owes him, big time.

Om Podcasten

An intense and gripping week of events unfolds in Ambridge. Listen to all the drama here.