As they start cleaning up after their Halloween party, Lily and Josh mention Paul’s contract at the vets being extended. They wonder how much longer Denise will be staying and agree to ask her face-to-face. Later, they find Denise has finished tidying the house and left a note to say she’s making dinner tonight. They decide to be more chill about her staying and see how things go. Bruce Titchener grumbles ahead of Rob’s baptism. No-one else, other than Miles and Alan, has shown up, but then Tony arrives. Privately, Alan asks Tony if he plans to disrupt the service, but Tony can’t give Alan the assurance he’s seeking. They’re interrupted by Bruce and Rob. Bruce is impatient, while Rob notices Tony and says hello. Tony and Alan witness Bruce bullying Rob, accusing him of wanting to be pitied and telling Rob off for turning away while he’s speaking. Alan calls an end to Bruce’s tirade. After the service, Rob thanks Tony for coming. He’d hoped to see Helen too as he still loves her. Tony doesn’t respond and when Rob questions his silence, Tony says he has nothing to say to him. Alan then catches up with Tony, who admits he had meant to do something during the service, but seeing Bruce’s aggression towards Rob changed his mind. He saw something in Rob’s eyes that he’d seen in Helen’s expression – a feeling of worthlessness. Tony has wanted Rob punished more than anything else, but he now sees, with an unloving father, that Rob’s whole life has been a punishment.

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