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The TRUTH about what's in these bio-weapons with former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston

from The AJ Roberts Show | Published 9/13/2021

We are extremely lucky to be joined by former Pfizer employee, and pharmaceutical expert and biotech analyst Karen Kingston on The AJ Roberts Show. Karen, like many others around the world in the medical and science field have been appalled by what they've seen in countries rolling out what they deem as bio-weapons on the human population and unfortunately having such a devastating effect on many peoples help and in many cases lives. Karen is bringing you slides of factual evidence based information from the FDA and MHRA regarding the Patents on many of the things in these jabs including Hydrogel, the SP2 (spike protein) and graphene oxide and what they do to human cells. Warning - this episode is not for the faint hearted. But this information MUST be shared so humanity knows how sinister this really is. To watch the video in FULL to see

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