E.Ts & Secret Space Programs | Paul Wallis, Barbara Lamb & Mary Edwards – 09/09/21

Mary Edwards has a multi-generational relationship with outer space. Mary’s daughter, Mary herself, her father and grandfather have all done significant work with NASA, going all the way back to the beginning. Her father and grandfather were Rocket scientists with associations with Albert Einstein and Werner Von Braun. Mary’s career as an artist might sound like a path that would take her a million miles away from that, but her career has taken her into the world of interior design, combining skills on her father’s side of the family and architecture on he mother’s side of the family, to design interiors for the International Space Station. As well as hotels and hospitals, where she has focused on improving the psychological liveability of confined spaces – something very relevant to all of us in 2021 Barbara Lamb, whom we are welcoming back to The 5th Kind TV, is a Licensed Psychotherapist whose work in Family and Child Therapy goes back more than 40 years. For ore than 25 years Barbara has honed an approach championed by the late Professor John Mack – Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology for Harvard, having personally regressed more than 2,000 people, helping them to recover memories of close encounters. Her personal catalogue of case studies in this field is without parallel. The incredible backgrounds of these two women have come together in a unique collaboration, helping children and families with children who have experienced close encounters.

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